red bag

As I wrote previously last week I lost my bag, with in it my camera.
I didn’t really lost it, it just sounded more dramatic, I had just forgotten to take it with me after I attended a meeting in the city hall of Prévost to to turn a big stretch of forest into a national park.
We left before the meeting was finished because I had to attend the weekly screening of ER and totally forgot that my bag was on the floor. Of course it was found after the meeting and today I went to Prévost to fetch it. I love my bag and don’t want to lose it. The camera I could live without, it would even give me a good excuse to buy a newer, better model, but my red bag is part of my image. A friend of mine saw my bag, really liked the modern, European style of it, and immediately wanted one. So the next time I went to the Netherlands I had one made for her. Since red is her colour, I ordered a red one too. But now every-time I visit her house or she visits ours, we really have to take care not to leave with each-other’s bags.