a on her bike

This picture makes me very happy.

This is the first time Alison went cycling with me. Actually it is the first time Alison cycled in almost 20 years. And, much to her and my surprise it went really, really well.

Alison was very anxious beforehand because she still had bad memories of the last time she had cycled. She wasn’t totally comfortable on my old bike that, albeit it’s a teenager bike, has a higher crossbar than she would have preferred. She also needed a bit of help, in the form of a bench or a rock, to provide a starting point. But she managed quite well and she actually liked it.

We went to the national provincial park Œles-de-Boucherville, a couple of flat islands in the St. Lawrence river were cars aren’t allowed so they are a haven for cyclists. What we didn’t know was that only one island was accessible because the ferry that links the islands wasn’t in service yet. But nevertheless we had a good time, and we did two rounds around Sainte-Marguerite island. Not bad for a bike novice.

And yes, she had a sore butt the next day.