In order to be able to pay for the renovations on our house I currently renovate other people’s houses. It seems like I’m becoming a kitchen expert, but I also work on the windows and doors. Making them fit well; installing new hinges; making a new sill; making part of a new window frame; installing double pane glass. Slowly I become a real carpenter. It’s an old building under heritage so we can’t change much, everything has to be the same as it was. Strangely enough, we want to replace a recently added aluminum window with the original style wooden one and we can’t get a permit for that. Stupid city building inspectors…

On this kitchen I added some cabinet doors, salvaged from the kitchen on another floor. It still doesn’t looks good, but after we have installed a new countertop, new handles and done a paint job it will be just spiffy. Too bad the owner lacks the money to strip the 20 or so layers of old paint. It would be so much nicer if we did that, but it’s a time consuming and thus expensive job, and this apartment is a up to be rented. Maybe I can convince him to to it anyway, but i doubt it because we are over budget already.