peas ice pack

In the never ending story of my frozen shoulder I went for a Distension Arthrography today. It’s a procedure were they inject a fluid straight into the shoulder joint so the joint opens up slightly and then you get a lot of physiotherapy to improve your range of motion. They do this under live X-ray (fluoroscopy) so they can see where the needle goes. It was quite fun to see your shoulder bones on a screen and to see them move while you do. But the fun didn’t last long because this procedure is quite painful. After it was done I couldn’t move my shoulder at all. The assistant said that was strange, and that surely this would go away after a while. And she was right. The cortisone they injected as well is probably kicking in, because the pain is much less now. I just did my exercises and indeed, I can flex my shoulder much farther. Before I could barely give the Hitler salute, and now I can reach for a plum in the plum tree. But the plums in our plum tree aren’t ripe yet. So instead I use and ice pack of frozen peas. Sorry, the last sentences don’t make much sense but I’m probably under the influence of all the drugs. A lame excuse but whatever.

Still it’s a big improvement.. My shoulder makes funny noises, of moving fluid, but as long as it’s not too painful I don’t mind. I thought I couldn’t work today but I think I’m heading out anyway