[A loud scream like a barking cat]
“What was that?”
“Don’t know.”
[Two animals pass going very fast, one panting and the other making noises as if it is very afraid]
[Something big approuches the tent. An angry Italian with a shot gun? ]
[The steps stop and we hear a loud sound of tearing grass, very close to our tent.]
“A deer?”
“Yeah, migh be…”

The joys of illegaly camping in someone’s field in the mountains next to a lake in Italy. All campings are very expensive (25 euro for a tent and two persons) and full of beer drinking Dutchmen watching football on television. Italy is so crowded and busy after Switzerland and they drive like idiots. We eat bad pizza in a bad restaurant, and my holiday feeling is totally gone.

Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. The church bell in the neighbouring village rings every hour, and I remember hearing all of them.