Bondo is a nice old village at the end of the Engadin valley. The houses are almost all in authentic state and to preserve the village that is located in a very narrow valley they’ve built a tunnel right under the village. So it’s now even sleepier than it was before.

In Bondo Alison got enough of my memories involving my ex-girlfriend Cathelijne. So I shut up for a while.

But from Bondo we did have a great view of the Badile, a moutain I didn’t climb with Cathelijne but with somebody else. It was a very nice and long (17 hour) climb over an almost never ending granite ridge. And without accidents! There was just an annoying helicopter that filmed of a guide and his client, probably some TV presenter or celebrity. But we climbed faster so we lost the helicopter. Only when we were at the top, and the guide joined us after 20 minutes the helicopter circled around us again. It was annoying, and spoiling the great view and satisfaction to be alone on the top (we were in front of many other climbers who stated later and climbed slower) but I would have liked to see the footage though.