dog cam
Click for video [1 MB QT]

Today we made a shocking discovery. Inspired by a web-page were they told that the latest version of Apple’s video editing program iMovie had a time lapse function, I decided to make a movie of the dogs while we’re gone, and they are locked up in the kitchen. The results were quite scary. It seems that while we’re gone the dogs aren’t resting or sleeping, which is almost all they do when we’re around, but that they are nervously watching if we’re not coming back. If you click on above image you can see part of the video. One second of video correspondents to one minute in real time. You see Poupoune hiding somewhere out of the camera image (Why did I make that dog bed?) and Pepe looking up and watching around nervously and only getting naps of a couple of minutes. This goes on for the full 12 hours we were gone today. Longer than normal, but we went to the movies.
(We went to see Miami Vice, a very bad movie, BTW. To be avoided.)

We don’t really know what to do, maybe we’re going to lock them in the bathroom, where they have less distraction. I’m going to monitor with my dog cam, of course and see if it is an improvement. O, and in case you wonder why we have to lock them up, we have to because they are badly trained when they were young and tend to pee and poop inside during our absence and we prefer them to not do that on the hardwood floors or on the couches. The kichen and bathroom floors are much easier to clean.