During past night it has snowed heavily and when we head out in a blazing snow storm to explore the city we have problems moving around. I’m thankful my car is in the (ridiculously expensive) hotel garage, because we see cars literally up their roofs covered in snow.
After we managed to scale the big pile of snow in front of the Tourist Information the girl behind the desk is really glad that someone came to rescue her from absolute boredom. We however learn from her that, because of the snow storm almost all museums are closed. Darn. She calls around and finds one small museum that is still open so we head out to go there.

“The Fort Museum” is a very small museum next to our hotel and tells the story of Québec and the early days of Canada by means of a slide show over a diorama. It’s rather clumsy (certainly for the 8 dollar entrance fee they ask) and doesn’t have much in terms of production value but nevertheless I now understand a bit better what the meaning is of the text “Je me souviens” that is printed on all the Québec license plates.