Chateau Frontenac

Because the weather predictions weren’t very nice we last weekend decided to take Anne to Québec City. Sshe lives in Amsterdam, and previously lived in one of the narrowest 16-century houses on one of the canals, so she has seen her share of old cities, but it might be nice for her anyway. I haven’t really been in Québec myself, we just drove through it a couple of years ago.

Because Alison for her work often stays in expensive hotels they offered her a deal to stay in the prestigous hotel “Chateau Frontenac” for a reasonable amount of money.
Chateau Frontenac towers over Vieux Québec and if we had a room on the other side of the hotel we would have had a nice view over the St. Lawrence. Those rooms are too expensive though so we only have a view over Québec City. We’re on the 9th floor so at least we have a view.