O, how Poupoune hates it when we put these doggy socks on her feet. She growls and tries to bite me, but most of the time Alison holds her tight so she can only growl harder.

When the socks are on, she often refuses to walk, and stretches one of her legs in the air. I understand they are uncomfortable, but they’re the first doggy socks that she actually doesn’t lose and that protect her from the snow, the salt and the gravel. Unfortunately I can’t explain that to her, and she has a hard time seeing the connection. When she leaves the house and runs in the snow everything is fine, but getting those things on is a major hassle and requires two persons. So Poupoune doesn’t get the amount of walks she wants.

The other day I took her outside without the socks on and the salt on the sidewalk hurt her so much that she stopped in her tracks with both paws in the air, sitting on her hind legs, and softly whimpering. Genuine Pepe behaviour, not typical for Poupoune. I had to pick her up and carry her home, stared at by passers-by.