A big thank you to all the readers of loglog who donated to my pet-goat project. Your donation is really appreciated.

But I still haven’t reached my goal of $333 yet, so donations of other readers are still welcome. After I reach that amount I promise to double it, because I think $666 is quite an appropriate amount for donating animals.

So don’t hesitate but click on the banner or follow this link to make your donations.


Update 26 January: I get some complaints from readers that want to donate, but can’t get past the credit card form, because they don’t have a US address. I’ve complained about this to Heifer repeatedly but haven’t heard back from them yet. I myself, when testing, used just a fake state since I couldn’t enter a province, and it passed. But that might not work foir you. I’m sorry, but thanks for trying though. If you still want to donate a goat or other farm Animal, you can go to Oxfam Unwrapped in Canada, and make your donation there. Or, Oxfam in the Netherlands. Or a another charity of your choosing.