desk in full glory

The desk is almost too big for our living room. I put it there temporarily so the client could see it and admire it. And they did, although they also thought it was a bit big. But that’s what they ordered, and it will fit in their room, don’t worry.

I put plastic bags around the legs so one of the dogs (read Pepe) won’t lift his leg and pee on it. I’m glad I did because this morning I found a wet spot on the cardboard, but the bag had prevented worse. Bad dog.

It now has to be painted, and they asked me to do it, so I have to take it apart again and move it back to the basement. The legs and drawers come off but the top part is still very heavy. Alison almost perished when she helped me to take it up, so I’ll ask for a stronger person to help me this time: the client. Ha, that’ll teach ’em.