Alison helps preparing the Easter dinner, that we eat early because we have to be back in MontrĂ©al at 7 to pick up our dogs from the dog sitter. After seven she doesn’t let us in and we’ll have to pay another night. So we make sure we’re there on time because if we want to buy our house we have to save every penny we can…

Even though we’re not home, and already made our offer we can’t stop thinking about it. Will they accept? Wasn’t our offer too low? Can we really afford it? Will the bank honour the interest rate they gave us?
Man, what is this a nerve-wracking process.

When we come home, after picking up the dogs, neither of us dares to check if we have phone messages. No messages. Is that a positive sign or a negative sign? Sign! Alison runs to the front of the house and peeks out of the window. No sign! We’re save for now.

But I’ll sure hope they won’t wait until the end of the week to let us know, because we’ll be ready for a mental institution by then.