A fellow Dutch immigrant had problems with her iPod not doing anything anymore. She’s totally a-technical so a mutual friend in the Netherlands suggested she should contact me for help. Since I’m a nice guy I, aklthough reluctantly, agreed to take a look. I pressed some buttons and that revived her iPod from its frozen state. But I also noticed the iPod’s battery wasn’t holding much charge anymore. So I suggested to replace it. And while I ordered a new battery for hers, I couldn’t resist ordering a battery replacement for my iPod as well, and, while at it, an extra laptop battery for my PowerBook as well. The prices on this site were pretty sweet, about half of what Apple charges. I wish I had ordered some batteries for my camera as well, but I forgot.

Yesterday, FedEx left the whole box of batteries on our porch and because we entered from the back last night, only this morning Alison found them and let them in from the cold. (It’s amazing FedEx just leaves expensive packages outside for everyone to grab, also amazing is that nobody grabs them. This must be Canada.)

Anyway, this morning I pried the oldest iPod open (better try hers first, I thought) and replaced the battery. It proved very easy, certainly after the iBook disassembly a couple of weeks ago. After it started up again -I admit I let out a sigh of relief- I tried mine. Since my iPod is a bit more recent it was completely different. Different battery, different hard drive and harder to open. But not that hard and within 20 minutes total I had both iPod’s batteries replaced. And now they are both recharging happily.