With the McGill Outdoors Club I went for a hike in the Upper Laurentians, about 250 km North-west of Montréal. It rains during the long drive but when we start the hike it miraculously dries and even the sun comes out. After a couple of hours we get a few showers but it is never totally awful.
And when we set up camp at a camp site, just after it got dark, and we start cooking meals on three stoves in three groups. I’m in the vegetarian group, and we even prepare a vegan meal, because one of us is vegan. While we are eating our couscous with vegetables and tofu we look in amazement to the stuff that comes out our fellow backpacker’s backpacks: someone brought a cook-set of pots with glass lids. Another thought she really needed a whole pound of butter, and we also spotted a full bottle of Tabasco.

No wonder they were so slow when going up the mountain. I, by far the oldest, and also one of the heaviest, was certainly not the slowest. Nobody even noticed that I was so much older, as they almost all asked what I studied.