pepe found

[ I’m totally backlogged (Pun intended). Stay tuned for more entries of the past week or so.]

Pepe ran away again. That’s not unusual since he grabs every occasion to sneak out of the door (front) or gate (back). But usually he’s just pondering at the corner of the street or the alley. Not this time. I looked for him over an hour and still hadn’t found him. Alison had already started making “Perdu: petit’ chien” posters. But then a phone call from the clinique veterinaire: “There’s somebody here with Pepe. Can you come and pick him up?”

A big sigh of relieve and I even shed some tears when I called Alison at work. At times I hate Pepe, but notwithstanding all his bad traits he is part of the family.

I went to the clinic and there on the stairs was Pepe, with a makeshift leash around his neck. Next to him, sitting in the sun on the stairs, a girl that held the other end of the leash. I thanked her, took Pepe end took him home. He was happy to be home again.

I should have asked her address so we could deliver some flowers but I was so happy seeing the little bugger that I totally forgot.