Sigur Rós

A while ago I bitched about the exorbitant surcharges of ticket monopolist Admission. I eventually went ahead and bought my tickets for Sigur Rós at a small music shop in town, and they charged me a much lower price. But even on their tickets Admission put a 2 dollar fee.

And today was the day of the concert. Since Alison didn’t want to go I’d tried (albeit a bit late) to sell my second ticket to someone, but nobody wanted it or they had already made plans for tonight.

So I bluntly told Alison she had to come and she grudgingly complied.

I learned a couple of things tonight:

  • Sigur Rós does not have a female lead singer. He just sings at a very high pitch.
  • Sitting far away from the stage on a stand does not improve your connection to the performance, but is more comfortable.
  • Even though Sigur Rós plays very quiet music on their albums, live on stage they are much louder.
  • Sitting far away does not protect to said loudness.
  • A last-minute visit to Jean Coutu to buy earplugs and cough drops proved extremely worthwhile.
  • A prohibition to bring alcoholic beverages also means that water bottles will get confiscated.
  • Water on sale on the premises is $3.75 and will be delivered in bottles without a cap to promote spillage.
  • A prohibition to bring cameras doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of cameras (I didn’t dare to bring mine, hence the bad iphone-made picture above).
  • Meeting a familiar face in the audience does give a lone soul a sense of belonging.
  • I had a good time.
  • To her surprise Alison liked it also. She even wrote about it.