cedar plank

We had a guest over for supper and I decided to make something I read about the day before on some weblog.

Smoked fish made on a gas grill.

Put a board of cedar that has been soaked in water on your really hot grill. Let it burn a while until it has developed a lot of smoke and then put some salmon (or other fish) on the board. Let cook for 10 minutes with the lid closed and you have a delicious smoked salmon.

At least, that is the plan. It’s always a gamble to use recipes you find on the Internet. And certainly to try them out on a guest.

But it turned out pretty good; certainly something I’ll do again. The guest liked it too.

[I won’t mention the big glass bowl of grilled vegetables that I dropped. I had to throw it all out because there might have been shards of glass in it. I still had some veggies left, but they were still raw so we ate them quite some time after we had finished the fish.]