Sinterklaas presents

Tonight it is Sinterklaas-evening, a Dutch holiday were people (especially kids) get presents from Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas was the inspiration for Santa Claus but it is of course a much nicer holiday.

Grown-ups give each-other also presents, but they are usually accompanied by a poem or rhyme that makes remarks about the (usually bad) behaviour of the receiver. An excellent opportunity to get even.

This morning, very much on cue, a big box was brought by Canada Post, with an enormous amount of postage affixed. The box contained a dozen of small presents, a drawing and a poem. I have no idea who the sender was (I didn’t read the name on the box) but I bet it was Sinterklaas himself. Tonight, while singing Sinterklaas-songs (MIDI alert), we will open the presents.
Thank you Sinterklaas!

The loot: poem, drawing of Black Peter, bag of chocolate money, marzipan fruit, a very useful magnifying glass/tweezer contraption, a reading light, a muchy letter for the dogs (they loved it), a chocolate letter, tree ornaments for the X-mas tree, an oil sprayer, a candle, apple cookies, soap and bath foam, and a bag full of confetti! Christmas came early this year!)