fibreglass application

I found a supplier for fibreglass and decided to tackle the back porch myself. Covering it in fibreglass reinforced polyester will make it weather resistant for a couple of decades or so, without it having to be repainted every two years.

I had some experience with polyester since I built a couple of windsurf boards when I was young and later we used it to manufacture parts of the climbing walls we built. But still it’s a messy and stressful undertaking. You have to work fast because the polyester will cure and then you can’t continue. And you shouldn’t topple over a full container with your foot, like I did. Fortunately it dripped on the new soil that I’d put there a couple of weeks ago and not on the concrete. Now it will just harden and then we can throw it away. My shoe is now also completely blue-grey and my foot was too, but I cleaned it with acetone. Can’t use acetone to clean the shoe, because it’s made out of foam (they’re Crocs, made in Québec) and it might dissolve in acetone.

The result looks quite nice, I mixed the colour myself because their standard colours were quite dull.