“Uhm boss, how do we chase the cats without a porch?”

The big house repairs are starting. I was going to replace some rotted boards in our back porch. Somewhere on the street somebody also did that but he also took out the good boards. So I brought 20 of those home because they’re very thick, much thicker than boards you can get nowadays; 80 years ago wood was much cheaper so they used lots of it. But, as it goes with these things, it turned out that the beams underneath were also rotting and a lot more boards were bad than previously thought. I didn’t have that many replacement boards, so the decision was made to replace them all with plywood, just as the guy on the street. Later I’m going to cover the plywood with polyester and fibreglass to make it really weather proof. And while we’re at it, I also replaced all beams that had rotted, and will replace the rusted metal stairs for wooden ones. A major operation, enough to fill a weekend. Or two.