old bathroom

We finally have decided to renovate our bathroom. The recent leakage caused a lot of damage. The ceiling has to be replaced and the tiles also came off on one wall and aren’t not bonding very well around the bathtub. Unfortunately our landlord is very slow in fixing things, and I just can’t wait any longer. Since I’m doing major repairs I rather opt for an almost total renovation, but on a budget. That way I can install a real bath, the one we currently have just hold 12 cm of water and is actually just a biggish shower. We won’t install the fanciest things, just some nicer things.

To be done:

  • new ceiling

  • new lighting (the old wires are very unsafe)
  • new tiles
  • new sink and mirror
  • uncovering and repairing old original floor
  • new, low water use, toilet
  • new bath tub
  • new shower-head, taps etc.
  • enlarging built-in cupboard

A lot of work, I know, especially when you live in a rented apartment. But it’s good for me to get some experience with the way they do all kinds of things here (plumbing and electricity is done here very different than in Europe. Worse I would say.) And we’ll get a comfy bathroom in return. And maybe, maybe, I’ll get some money from the landlord. I don’t count on it though.

I’ll keep you posted.