For the first time as a Canadian, I just voted. It has been 7 years since the last time I voted in the Netherlands.

This year’s Montreal municipal elections are very exciting. There are three parties fighting for our votes and the mayoral candidates (there are also elections for borough councillors) all stand at around 30% in the last polls. A very tight race.

The candidate I voted for, Richard Bergeron, is inexperienced as a politician, a bit of a dreamer but has some good ideas about how to clean up the mess that is Montreal politics at the moments. Canadian current affairs magazine MacLeans called Montreal the most corrupt city in North-America and they might well be right.

Bergeron is an outsider and that’s probably the reason why his poll results are so high. People are fed up with the ruling class of lying crooks that we have now.

[Update 2 November]

The results: our incumbent Mayor strategy of “nobody of the people near me told me they were corrupt” worked and he got re-elected.

Our borough’s Mayor is the candidate for the seperatist party. I briefly spoke with him while he was canvassing, and he is very young and was quite convincing why I should vote for him. I didn’t but a slim majority did.

The city councillor elected in my borough was the candidate I voted for, François Limoges of Project Montréal, the party of Richard Bergeron! (This never happened, I have a track record of voting for the losing candidate.) I wish him good luck. I wish all elected candidates good luck, they’ll need it.