In the winter a water pipe broke under the porch that feeds the outside tap. I had drained the pipe and the tap was wide open but the pipe was slightly sagging and at its lowest point it froze, expanded and burst. Fixing it wasn’t a lot of work, but I had to crawl under the porch and it stinks of cat pee.

The pipe is fixed now, and A. can water the plants and I can use the hose to wash my car. Uhm no, I don’t wash the car, I haven’t done that since I bought it. I’m such a bad person.

Next year I’ll make sure to completely blow or suck all the water out of the pipe.


A asked:

So, like, how did you know the pipe had burst?

And how did you fix the pipe?

I found out when I opened the valve and the water bursted out. Finding water leaks is usually not very hard. Leaking water makes a lot of noise. Gas leaks also make sound, but by the time they get loud it is usually too late.

I fixed the pipe by cutting out the piece of pipe shown above with a pipe cutter and by a putting new piece of pipe in it’s place connected with two lugs that I soldered.