We went for a walk on Mont Royal (the mountain) before A. was taking a flight to Winnipeg. The mountain was literally covered on Trillium. I always think Trillium sounds like something straight out a science fiction movie like Star Trek or Superman, but it actually is a plant with three leaves coming out of the stem at one point and also triangular shaped flowers. It’s the official flower of Ontario, and protected as an endangered species. Not endangered at all on our mountain though, but probably protected anyway.

Poupoune loves running around them, sniffing for… I don’t know but it smelled good to her.

I haven’t been posting a lot, I make mini posts on Twitter and that’s about it. Here are some updates:

I am still voiceless and totally out of shape. My lungs still aren’t 100% and I cough when I whisper too much.

Not speaking isolates me a bit. I haven’t seen my friends in a while at first I because didn’t want to infect them, and if you can’t speak there is not much point anyway. You’d think I should email them but for some reason I don’t.

I’m anxiously waiting until my secret iPhone application passes through Apple’s totally opaque approval process. They rejected it once for a stupid reason, but I changed it (albeit grumpily) and now I have to wait again. In the mean time I work on the website that accompanies the application, and I’m even adding some new features for the next version.

The moment things go “live” I’ll let you know.