Not much going on here, and that has several reasons. I have a nasty flu, cold, or whatever that is going on for almost a week and a halve now. (No, it’s very unlikely it is H1N1, if it was I should be dead by now.) 

It gave me a high fever, made me lost my voice and I have terrible coughing fits. Because my voice box is not working (Laryngitis) the coughing sounds I make are very high pitched like they would be when one pokes an adolescent boy with a breaking voice with a burning stick. It doesn’t feel that way, fortunately, but it still is painful.

I can’t go out of the house, since if I do, I might infect others and certainly now, people are extremely worried when they see an overdressed person coughing hysterically while walking on their sidewalks. Any physical activity also just renders me completely exhausted and I cough even more afterwards.

Contacting people by phone is also hard because they can’t hear me and even whispering is bad for my Laryngitis.

So my social life is very dull and boring since all I do is sit in my chair and read the Internet. And I work on my secret iPhone project, with some napping in between. Today I basically finished the project (after nearly 3 months!) and I’m going to submit it to Apple for approval tomorrow. Finally, I was running out of steam a bit…
Even though I can almost feel your curiosity I can’t tell you more about it before it is accepted. Apple might rejected it for some stupid reason, and I don’t want to give my competitors too much of a head-start in their efforts to copy it. Not that it is very likely they are reading logloglog, but you never know.

This application is also the reason for the move to a real domain for logloglog. It is very possible I will get much more traffic on my corporate site soon, and I want to make clear this is my personal weblog. The old loglog goes off-line in a few days. If you have links to loglog in your blogroll please update them.