wood float

On the last day of our holiday we take a long walk along the beach of Vancouver until we reach Wreck Beach, Canada’s biggest official nude beach. And even though it is March and quite chilly we actually saw some people skinny dipping.

I also saw these big floats of giant logs. I had eyed them on aerial photos (like here on Google Maps) but now I saw them in reality. The trees get felled in Northern British Columbia, the logs are dumped in the river and then, when they reach the sea, they are collected and assembled into big floats that are pulled by tug boats to this sheltered bay.

These logs were once giants hundreds years old and it’s a real shame that most of this wood is going to end up as toilet paper or cheap plywood.

So, and this was the last post on loglog. I thought a post about logs was an appropriate end.

But wait, there is more. Loglog is going to move and get its own domain. Loglog is dead, long live logloglog! Fifty percent more log for the same price!

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