For the first time this year my friend Paul and I went skiing in the Laurentians. I was a bit worried how my knees would hold out since I had to stop skiing halfway during last winter because it became too painful.

But so far they withstood the beating fairly well. My legs are sore, but that is normal: with cross-country skiing you use muscles you never use the rest of the year. At least I don’t. I’m also out of shape but that too was not entirely unexpected. It was nice though, albeit very cold and the sun only came out from behind the clouds when we left for MontrĂ©al.

(I even emailed and twittered from the trail, in the middle of nowhere. But the iPhone keyboard didn’t like the cold and my Twitter message was eaten by the backspace key that came ‘stuck’ en letter for letter erased all I had just typed. Very frustrating, fortunately it was only hundred forty characters or so.)