Yup, today I signed my life away.

After my lamenting about the outrageous cost of the iPhone in Canada I thought I would never buy one. Maybe an iPod touch (which is basically an iPhone that can’t make calls) but no iPhone.

But today my eye fell on a leaflet that announced a special deal: a voice plan for only $17.50 per month. It includes 200 minutes per month which is plenty for someone who almost never calls. I asked if I could use that as my iPhone plan, and just add a $30 data plan to it? The sales rep had to ask his superior, but then told me that that was indeed a possibility.

One of the reasons I didn’t use my previous ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ phone is that every call was outrageous expensive. That will change now, because I’ve already paid for those minutes. (I don’t know what will happen when I don’t use all those 200 minutes per month; will they roll over to the next month or are they just gone? I have to look that up.)

Of course Rogers adds some ridiculous fees to it but in total my monthly bill will be less than $65 including all taxes and fees. Over the course of the 3-year contract that will still be more than $2300 but it is substantially less than the $5700 I had calculated previously.

I had some problems setting things up (they sent me an email with a temporary voice mail password that was not correct), and my data connection stopped working after a few hours, so I spent some time on hold with Rogers’ Tech Support, but it works pretty well now. Of course I can spent hours and hours tweaking settings and installing applications (like a Twitter and Facebook client, so I can stay totally in the loop) but I’ll try to spread that out over a couple of days.

[From the photo it’s obvious the camera doesn’t like our yellow walls in low-light.]

Update: All minutes you didn’t use in a month are gone. Use it or lose it. So the 9 cents per minute I pay now, might become 35¢/min when I don’t call a lot. How is that in other countries? How you are supposed to keep track of your minutes is unclear. My iPhone has a usage counter, but it also counts all the long calls to Rogers’ support help line. Four of those calls today, totalling more than one hour. Most of it spent on hold, (yay for speakerphone!) but my call was dropped twice. That seems to be an iPhone problem, hopefully fixable with software. My calls to tech support were about the unused minutes (no mention at all about this on the website), and about visual voicemail (they had sold me the wrong add-on plan; the first month is free, after that I’m going to cancel it anyway but I want to see how it works.)

I installed a lot of apps and deleted some of them after I tried them. The only application I bought was an iPhone version of my ToDo-list application. They talk to eachother to keep things synchronised.