world naked bike ride

In 2004, the Naked Bike Ride in Montréal wasn’t exactly a success, even though a naked picture of me made it into the Mirror.

Today was the second try for Montréal. So while in one part of the city one of the worlds’ most polluting events took place, the Formula One races, we protested against cars and pollution by riding our bikes in the buff. It’s also Clean Air Day, even though there is a smog warning in effect.

and it was much better. About 150 to 200 people showed up, and most of them bared it all and rode through the Plateau neighbourhood naked. Of course there were about 500 onlookers at the start and many more along the roads. The police escorted us and closed roads and intersections for us. All happened without any incidents.

Halfway my bike’s front tire was punctured so I spent the last 2 kilometres running with my bike in hand. I was surprised of my endurance, since I normally never run, and certainly not on my Teva sandals. I’m sure seeing me run must have been a spectacular sight.

If you want to see me naked on a bike watch the news tonight or read a newspaper tomorrow. I’ve seen so many cameras along the route that I’m sure they snapped me as well.