pepe tupperware

Just after Alison left for work, a cat sneaked into our kitchen through the backyard door. Poupoune saw her first and chased after her, followed by a fierce Pepe, who isn’t so fast with his short legs.

They gave the cat a good workout across the garden and then came back into the kitchen. Poupoune was still panting from all the excitement. Pepe however, left a trail of blood behind him. Not a big trail, but enough to make a mess. I picked him up and inspected him. Fortunately it was rather minor, he probably hit his foot onto something. No cat scratches, which is good because Chihuahuas are easily blinded by cats hitting those big bulging eyes.

But now what? I had to bandage him, so his blood wouldn’t be all over the house. So out came my first aid kit, that I keep in my workshop for when I cut of my fingers. I also took some high friction tape, a rubberized tape that sticks only to itself. I use that on tools to make them less slippery. I noticed they used something like that on Poupoune when she was hospitalized, and it seemed handy to keep the gauze in place.

After some fidgeting with the gauze ó Pepe didn’t exactly sit still ló I wrapped it up with the tape. But of course Pepe immediately went for it with his mouth, and notwithstanding having only a few teeth, he rid himself of the bandage in no time.

I had to make a Elizabethan collar. So I grabbed a piece of Tupperware (well actually it was from IKEA), cut a hole in the bottom and cut one corner open and fitted it around Pepe’s head. A perfect fit in one try! I’m so good.

After that is was an easy task to re-apply the bandage and after I took this picture he’s now sleeping in his basket, under a blanket. There is no use fighting Elizabethan Tupperware.